1. Not surprised he has a woman helping him… According to him they’re not much good at anything else.

  2. “SCHMELLMAN!!!!!”

  3. “Oh, unfunny, LAAAAAAAAAAADY!”

  4. j/k

    Notice the handprints were done prior to the hand in the hair.

  5. Someone should have warned Jerry, Sinatra has a real long memory.

  6. Swearin

    After this, they returned him to the wax museum next door

  7. They put him in wrong-side-up

  8. Vlad

    I’m stuck, you idiots!

    I’m sorry Mr. Lewis. There was a mix-up with the cement and we used rapid-set by mistake.

  9. dontkillthemessenger

    So it’s Jerry’s feet and hands, but the other guy’s faceprint?

  10. This is the first time that I have realized that Jerry Lewis and Gilbert Gottfried are the same person.


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