1. Whoa, when did those happen?

  2. How about a reboot of the “Species” franchise? She didn’t have those the first time around.

  3. capn obvious

    Looks like she put on some pounds, but whatever. She always struck me as a cool chick, so that buys you at least 20 extra.

  4. …she just attained sufficient mass to be a blip on my radar…DAMN!!!

  5. anonymous

    She was always a hottie. Still is.

  6. Species is one of the sexiest movies ever made because of this woman. Christ she was so hot as Sil. It truly upsets me to see her like this, and as shallow as it sounds, I’m kinda glad I didn’t marry her when she asked me.

  7. She maintained super-hottie status for a long time, but alas, time marches on.

  8. TheGhost

    She is hot, beautiful from head to toe, her husband is a lucky guy

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