1. I think the bandana is tied a little too tight.

  2. What are his temples swollen like that? Look at both sides of his head. What are those bumps? I ask because it happened to me a few weeks ago after I got a haircut. I didn’t hurt, I noticed it when I looked in the mirror.

    McBeef, help me out here.

  3. Is that a dog on your lap, or are you just happy to see me?

  4. He’s eating a puppy?!

  5. Johnny Barbells

    …so, restaurants are serving brains now?

  6. He is slowly turning into Walter Matthau

  7. Maria

    Why is Sylvester Stallone trying to give oral to that bite of salad?

  8. Not seen – dog’s empty eye socket.

  9. BlackManUSA

    Movie Exec 1: Look Steven Van Zandt. OH MY GOD!! You know what I’m thinking?

    Movie Exec 2: There’s something about Mary 2?

    Movie Exec1: Um no. A Short Circuit Reboot

  10. Andie

    A dog and a hat. At the table.

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