1. Dear God, I *hope* that’s just perspective.

  2. Somebody took “fake ass family” literally.

  3. I shall conquer this steed…
    I shall find its weakness and train it to heed my will.
    And then… I shall ride it into battle against the lord of the black gate that is her mother

  4. Can you imagine what Hasselhoff would do to those buns?

  5. jep

    Wow… that Tommy Copper really works…. to well it would seem.

  6. I could break concrete blocks on that Sasquatch ass.

  7. cajunhawk

    Welcome all to the 2014 Ass Implant Conference!!! We have two very special guests with us today and the entire foundation of the ass implant industry…two ratchet Kardashians.

  8. I like Kourtney, she is cute, the rest of them can go to hell.

  9. Just NO. Please no more pictures of Kardashians…EVER!

  10. Sloppy Redneck

    That ass reeks of Roscoes Chicken and Waffles ..

  11. I was gonna post that ass must stink after a hard day’s work – then thought about how ridiculous that sounded.

  12. Tell the rancher that we found two of his escaped cattle.

  13. Vlad

    Geologists at Yellowstone National Park say there’s nothing to worry about the supervolcano erupting any time soon. However, they did raise the eruption level to high on that ass.

  14. Handsome Matt

    “Welcome to our humble canine obedience school Kourtney, and this must be “Khloe”, let’s get started shall we?”

  15. ultra

    why is this site always on squatch watch?

  16. Freebie

    C’mon. Those asses aren’t natural. Who do these women think they’re fooling and why do they want to look like that? They look ridiculous.

  17. ^@#*!%

    yeah, sure they are sisters

  18. Ok, it’s just not funny any more…why are their fucking asses so goddamn big???

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