1. Pickle Nose

    This is not what I expected. Very disappointing.

  2. Some squats are required. Always do your legwork when you hit the gym, ladies.

  3. capn obvious

    TIL there is a different between thin and toned.

  4. Swearin

    Well of course she’s smiling and running a marathon, her newest husband was just [redacted] by way of [redacted] and everyone thinks it was done by [redacted].

    • Clearly, [redacted] didn’t [redacted] [redacted]. The [redacted] he gave [redacted] likely had the [redacted] already in it before [redacted] even [redacted] the [redacted]. I think it was [redacted] as [redacted] had the most to gain from [redacted] [redacted].

  5. That’s a real ass, Chewbacca!

  6. Chicken cutlets

  7. I refuse to believe in children. They’re a myth perpetuated by the liberal media.

  8. No thanks. I believed in The Starks, and look what happened to them.

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