1. “Uhhh where the hell do you think you’re running off to??”

  2. “Honey! You know I can’t go unless you watch!”

  3. “Ah. The old “your shoelaces are untied” trick. You just earned 4 hours in the basement.”

  4. capn obvious

    I bet he gets a lot of space. Like every time she blinks her eyes. That moment is all his.

  5. Mike

    This girl is SO ruined. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

  6. More like Ryan Sweating

  7. Ryan Sweeting taking his dog for a watch and letting her shit on his neighbour’s lawn

  8. Vlad

    I’m sorry. I know I should’ve gone before we left the house.

  9. “Hey honey, look at me. I’m a flower who needs your love to grow.”
    “Kaley, don’t try acting. You are not very good at it.”

  10. BlackManUSA

    “I know you’re not really THAT attractive and your rising star is because you’re young, white, female and blonde, but you don’t have to piss outside.”

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