1. For all the shit she gets, she is still a gorgeous fuck machine.

    • I don’t think she spends much time contemplating how stereotypical, lifeless nerds (me being the biggest) post how she poses like a chicken given that she is rich, beautiful and can live an absolutely carefree life.

    • Ivan

      That’s just not fucking fair, that she looks like that.
      Two thumbs up, and other things… Damn……

  2. Cock Dr

    Whoever paid for those implants must certainly feel as if they’ve gotten their money’s worth out of ‘em.

    • Gin&Tonic

      They’re f’ing fantastic aint they? The only way you can tell they’re fake is that real tits would be in her armpit in this pose, otherwise they look perfectly bouncy-squishy.

  3. JC

    Dis how chicken have gynecological exam.

  4. Pickle Nose

    I’m tired of the “dis how chicken” gimmick. It’s so predictable. This lady is a smokeshow. Hands down.

  5. She’s fucking gorgeous. There’s no denying that.

  6. It burns her that Emily Ratakowski gets so much attention and that she is at the tail end of her hotty career.

  7. Ca$twgfd

    Is she the one with the stinky pussy?

  8. I’d hit the stink.

  9. joe

    Dis how chicken pay rent.


  10. The “dis how chicken: meme is becoming quite lame.

  11. While I like looking at her, I don’t go out of my way to search pictures of her. Emily Ratajkowski on the other hand…

  12. cc

    Holy fucking shit.

  13. Nice ̶a̶p̶a̶r̶t̶m̶e̶n̶t̶ spread

  14. dis how chicken sideboob

  15. Dis how chicken be hot as fucking hell.

  16. ultra

    dis how chicks are supposed to look like.

  17. YoMama

    dis how chicken cross road

  18. Mike Walker

    One in the stink, one in the other stink.

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