1. Her pinky sticking out really classes up the cow-face she’s making.

  2. eating Mcdonalds and moistening a courtside seat.

  3. SteakTarTar

    Ever catch yourself mentally calculating exactly how much of your savings you would fork over for a slightly used black vinyl seat cushion?

    No? Really?

  4. Euroman

    Looks more like she is advertising her availability for the evening

  5. The cautionary tale of “Britny Spears: The McFiend” has not been learned…

  6. Shannon

    did she forget her pants at the drivthru?

  7. Not A Laker Fan

    Actually, there’s a McDonald’s inside the Staples Center. So she bought it there.

  8. Nooken

    All you haters out there that think JJ is a ridiculous cow, I just have one thing to say… are you in a club, if so how do I enter? Is there a hazing ritual?

  9. I want to be a french fry so bad right now.

  10. Jake

    I’d love to bang her from behind bent over a chair with those leather boots keep her ass riding high…

  11. “This is the smallest penis I’ve ever…oh! Nevermind.”

  12. hollywood_hillbilly

    Shameless corporate whoring at a sports venue, I am shocked!

  13. “Thats funny….when I’m chewing, I can hear the ocean in my head”

  14. RG

    Exactly the same ratios as when she was dating Ashton Kutcher.

  15. Rough's pick

    Drop the act JJ. There is no witch hunt on skinny girls. Besides, It will never work.

  16. I’ll pay $50000 for that seat

  17. mordantmouth

    She puts the A-S-S in CLASS.

  18. The Critical Crassness

    Seen here:January Jones and Melissa Etheridge on a dinner date, watching the “Fakers” lose again!

  19. This is the first time I’ve mentally linked ‘french fry’ and ‘money shot’ in the same sentence.

  20. You know you’re heading down the wrong track when you start flossing with french fries.

  21. Josephus

    McDonald’s at courtside? I would think that’s more of a Clippers thing, actually.

  22. Double D

    Sitting next to her, her mother, December Jones.

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