1. karen

    I bet her top doesn’t say “Addicted to Lettuce”

  2. tkb

    Mom purse. Mom sweats. Mom belly. No kids.

  3. fRoD

    jennifer love hugebitch

  4. JC

    Thanks, Jennifer. Now you’ve finally broken me. I kept saying I’d still hit it, even though you weren’t as svelte as you used to be and, by all reports, kind of batshit crazy. But you had to go and do this and kill my boner for you forever. Thanks a lot.

  5. I feel like pics of Jennifer Love Hewitt these days might as well just be pics of some lady outside a grocery store; if you knew her she’d be kind of hot if she fixed herself up, but as a celebrity she falls far below the mark.

  6. Never before has a photo so clearly stated “I invested my teen acting money very well”

  7. What does her shirt say? “Addicted to Love”? Which is weird on so many levels when you happen to have “Love” in your name…but I digress. She is more likely addicted to IHOP.

  8. So which will it be… Dancing with the Stars or Celebrity Apprentice?

  9. crap

    I think I can hear her ass clapping from here…

  10. “Ooooooh yeah! I got my money’s worth from that all you can eat buffet!”

  11. At this point when she walks through the doors of a restaurant and the maître d’ asks: “Party of Five?”, it isn’t a joke.

  12. She is sporting “granny bake sale” chic

  13. She looks like Kate Gosselin season 1 from the neck down

  14. “Addicted to Needy, Stalker-esque Love. Oh, and Food.”

  15. Jill Ess

    tkb beat me to it. She is all mom.

  16. Rough's pick

    Whatd she have? buritos with rice and beans?

    Id say have con-edition on call and steer clear a 5 miles radius from her house.

  17. She’s got the “I’ve had 4 kids, cut me some slack” ass, but without the 4 kids to explain it. Why is her ass so big?

  18. Jennifer Love Pastry

  19. DonDopey

    Her expression changed drastically when she realized they weren’t serving Mexicans.

  20. mordantmouth

    Apparently she heard that mexicans were always willing to do some “heavy lifting”.

  21. The Critical Crassness

    Actually her sweatshirt says “Addicted to Love’s” which is a bar-b-que restaurant chain in California.

  22. Johnny99

    I guess they didn’t have any “Addicted To Bacon” sweatshirts in her size.

  23. Racer X

    I hate it when white girls are afraid to wear tight clothes ’cause they have a big ass/wide hips.


  24. Elle

    “Addicted to Love” by “Love” she means “Deep Fried fast food”.

  25. Jen

    Remember when she was just a little fat but it was ok, because her gigantor tits evened her out. Now her ass just dwarfs her rack. Kinda sad.

  26. Blech

    Wasn’t she thin not too long ago?

    Did she swallow an identical twin?

  27. ad nasuem

    I don’t know. I’d still do her.

  28. Double D

    She needs to buy some drywall, but two holes in them, stick her boobs through, and just walk around like that. That would be keeping it positive.

  29. She’s dressed like the fat uncle at Thanksgiving dinner.

  30. The Ugly Truth

    I dont get it… Why don’t people who look like this just eat less food?

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