1. sprezzatura

    Oh dear lord.

  2. MeganMay

    So, he’s in the remake of ‘Dorf on Golf”, too?

  3. tkb

    Dude! Nice ass.

  4. jenn

    for a quick second i thought he had no legs.

  5. Not every peek at someone’s butt is equally sneaky.

  6. Cock Dr

    Random dudes on a beach.

  7. Jason Statham is going to kick his ass if he catches him checking out his ass.

  8. Ed

    “I wonder if he has as much fur on his ass as he does on his stomach & chest”

  9. On set of Hawaii 6-9.

  10. slim

    so… he’s a gay amputee?

  11. Drea

    Much like Scott Caan, I am also finding my gaze horrifyingly drawn to the massive thatch on dude’s backside. It’s….it’s glorious.

  12. E

    When bears attack!

  13. BigJim

    “We gonna need mo wax!”

  14. The Critical Crassness

    “Brokeback Mountain meets Waikaki Shores”

  15. mordantmouth

    “.. so I get like this, then you get behind me & put your balls in my..Wait, where are you going?”

  16. Considering this isn’t the sixties anymore, that pic may as well contain all the chest hair there IS in in the Western world right now.

  17. Josephus

    I was going to make fun of Danno here, but it’s almost like the dude has a natural tramp stamp. I’d probably stare too.

  18. AWOL

    Hairback Mountain

  19. ticonderoga

    Could this picture be any gayer?

  20. Tyler

    Scott Cann: “That dude must workout”

  21. Double D

    Shortly after seeing this picture, legendary actor and ladies man James Caan tweeted: “I have no son! “

  22. He must work out.

  23. Frosted tips are so 90′s. And gay.

  24. Robin Williams would be jealous.

  25. Know how I know you’re gay…?

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