1. Red Cross Disaster Relief Chic

  2. tkb

    A little less hair and and a little more tits, please.

  3. Finally, we have an answer to the question ” how much bony sternum does it take to make a super sexy dress look like shit? ‘

  4. “No one at the posh steakhouse was surprised when she ordered chicken cutlets…”

  5. I guess BOA is serving steak martinis now.

  6. Bandit82BaBy

    She looks like she’s hiding a Kilo in that Amy Winehouse bun.

  7. Snooki's Taint

    who shot the sofa and made her wear it?

  8. Babs

    Those things have to be inflatable.

  9. I saw the porno. She can polish my knob anytime

  10. BigJim

    And I thought Japan had a problem with fault lines.

  11. mordantmouth

    For christssake, someone get her a cookie.

  12. welldoneson

    “bony sternum”?
    ladies, I’ve got news for you: your ribs should show.
    not really your ribs, but the ligaments and muscles.
    if we can’t see ‘em you’re too fuckin’ fat.

  13. wrynoceros

    left with a rack of ribs then…

  14. bewbs

    Christina Aguilera looks good!

  15. Jovy

    Nice tracks. Seriously youre doing it wrong, everyone knows youre a bald racist, embrace it.

  16. Josephus

    Does the Red Cross sticker mean she gave blood today? God bless whoever gets *that* transfusion.

  17. Her boobs don’t know whether home is left or right.

  18. So, do we have to differentiate now? In-sideboob vs. out-sideboob?

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