1. Please, no Moore.

  2. meeps!

    So, World War Z is real…?


  4. NightWatch

    You saw a white rider and you didn’t release the ravens? You were supposed to release the ravens. That’s all you had to do! TO THE WALL! PRAY TO THE GODS YOUR FAMILIES AREN’T ALREADY DEAD!

  5. I’m glad to see Kathy Griffin is getting better…

  6. I think at this point, she’s just hoping that ‘you’re gonna make it after all’ means the bathroom, before anything bad happens.

  7. holy jesus godfucking mother of christ

  8. JennywithaY

    Who can turn the world on with her smile?

    Not Mary Tyler Moore.

  9. Same face I made when I saw this picture. She is beyond meta.

  10. CK

    Mischa Barton in five years

  11. Looks like Carrot Top’s ‘roid prescription finally ran out!

  12. Hank E. Ring

    Age can be painful. This woman back in her day was a complete knockout. I have little to look forward to as I age.

    • Old Hag

      Don’t worry you won’t ever look like that, unless you go to her Beverly Hills plastic surgeons.

  13. MFer

    Nothing disturbing about that at all… . . . .

  14. grobpilot

    That’s what happen when you use “Joker” products.

  15. DeucePickle

    Now that was a Final Five suitable for April Fool’s day

  16. Let this be a warning to the children of the future. Carrot Top shall be this old some day.

  17. Casper needs lay off the plastic surgery.

  18. Guess who’s in the DEAD POOL? Taking bets now.

  19. your mom

    Is this what AIDS looks like?

    • Ashley Dunn

      No, it’s what terminal cancer looks like. Mary was diagnosed with a brain tumor around a month ago and was given about 2 months. You are looking at a woman who is literally dying. Try and be nice. Damn.

      • Satan's Right Hand

        You’re thinking of Valerie Harper. Mary Tyler Moore had a brain tumor removed a couple years ago however.

  20. JC

    My first thought was, “Be nice. The woman’s at least 94.” But then I went and looked it up She’s 76.

  21. Casper’s Grandmama looks a bit startled….

  22. Ashley Dunn

    For all of you asswipes without a shred of integrity or compassion: Mary Tyler Moore was diagnosed with terminal cancer, a brain tumor, around 2 months ago. This woman is literally dying. Try a little compassion.

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

      (*Sigh* We do have to deal with these every so often.)

      (1) The site’s name is quite clear. If you don’t understand the meaning of the word ‘superficial’, god help you understanding anything.

      (2) Hopefully you’re reading this 2nd point now armed with an understanding of the word highlighted in the 1st point. If you are, then you’ll have some capacity to understand that this is a place that makes fun of APPEARANCES. Those appearances maybe down to any number of real-life causes which are otherwise deserving of (whatever degree of) sympathy: drug abuse, botched plastic surgery, alcoholism, a physical accident or, god forbid, some variety of cancer. The fun being made is SUPERFICIAL. Therefore most of the time it’s IMPERSONAL (excepting instances where the personal ire posters may have towards their target more than obviously comes out in what they post. When that happens the target usually deserves it: Chris Brown as an obivious candidate comes to mind).
      Good luck pointing out ANY post here that carries an obvious strain of malignancy directed personally at Mary herself.

      • Girl

        Wow!! Truly a bucket of BS. It isn’t impersonal at all. Most of the time it is mean spirited and cowardly. You posters dig deep into the cruelty and spread it. And — it isn’t superficial; it’s meaningful to you or the same ones wouldn’t be back all of the time. Free speech ain’t hate speech, and Fish fans (and definitley Photo boy) are often too close.

      • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

        Project much? I suggest you see a psychologist with helping you perceive reality a little more clearly. At the moment your own projections are severely distorting any cognitive clarity you might be capable of.

        Also, I notice you failed to take up my challenge and point out any post with a strain of malignancy clearly directed at Mary herself – you know, something that would’ve underpinned the so-called correctness of your assertions.

      • The Teacher

        Girl – clearly you don’t understand the meaning of the word ‘impersonal’. If people were making fun of Mary PERSONALLY then your assertion is, all these posters comments have mean spiritedly attacked the appearance in the photo concerned BECAUSE that photo is of MARY’s appearance. THAT is what would constitute personally directed commentary.
        Any idiot knows that TS posters (regular, and not) would be making these types of comments at such a hideous appearance NO MATTER WHO was individually responsible for it – as if any commentator here would be passing up on saying something if it was a woman other than Mary appearing in exactly the same form (Sure, comments may have a theme to them drawn from elements known to exist from Mary’s background, but again for those of us uinderstanding how things actually work around here, that’s an action not designed to make the comment seen as an attack on Mary personally, but to make the comment TOPICAL to the sheer appearance being made fun of.)

        Btw, gIRL, why didn’t you post – or haven’t you posted – your little outburst before in defense of, say, Chris Brown from the clearly ‘mean spirited’ & undoubtedly personal comments that have been made on this site 1000s of times before? You’re not going to reveal to us you’re a hypocrite, are you, and say it’s ok for him to be on the end of them, but not Mary? (Chris, after all, has had innumerous individual stories devoted to himself on TS, whereas Mary gets 1 thumbnail probably a year, at best).

        I think *Girl* is a deluded (doesn’t the know the difference between impersonal & personal attacks) & hypocritical (defends targets she wrongly perceives of enduring personal attacks, but doesn’t defend targets clearly on the end of personal attacks). In other words, she fits right in at TS.

    • Also, she doesn’t have brain cancer. After a fruitless Wikipedia search with only mention of a benign thing removed two years ago, a quick Google search shows it is Valerie Harper from the Mary Tyler Moore Show who has terminal brain cancer.

      • Too bad – I was going to call Mary Tyler Moore & suggest if she only has 2 months to live, now’s a good time to try some things she’s maybe never done before, like Anal. Should I be calling Rhoda Morganstern instead?
        Also, I’d like to point out that every living being, from the instant it is born, is dying.

  23. Skippy86

    Now see I thought she was dead and that was her ghost

  24. So, Ima need instructions on how to fly to LA without using LAX.

  25. Who can turn the world on with her smile?

  26. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Love is all around, no need to fake it,
    You can have the town, why don’t you take it,
    You’re gonna make it aft…

    Aww, fuck it. I can’t lie. BURN IT WITH FIRE!

  27. Mike701

    Carrot Top, he cracks me up.

  28. sniff it

    Camel Toe?

  29. Wow, just wow. In the absence of more context, I am going to assume this is a particularly bad picture of someone who doesn’t necessarily always look like that… That couldn’t be possible, could it?

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