1. Emma Watson's Vaina

    well you know trying to hide in the public isn’t going to work.
    hat OK
    dark glasses OK
    dark big coat OK
    big douche making ridiculous faces . epic fail

  2. “Oh, just the belt, not the pants, too? You Canucks are so provincial!”

  3. This guy’s got the “Blue Steel” turned up to 11 at all times.

  4. He’s giving “fuck me” face to the vending machine.

  5. I cannot stand this douche.

  6. “White knit hat with a black jacket on Easter? Oh, Mary, PUHLEAZE!”

  7. journalschism

    “You mock me, but if this were a magician and you know, this was the early 90s, I could get my own network special with this face.”

  8. Jenna

    Guys, insult him all you want if that’s what makes you feel better, but I’m sure none of you have arms like that, or a face like that. He’s hot.

    • Satan's Right Hand

      Yes but the problem here Jenna is that he would rather have your boyfriend or brother and not you. So there’s that…

    • No .. no he’s not. Hot is a guy who is capable of facial expressions that range beyond ‘smug bastard’ who can smile without looking like a slanted Joker.

  9. Later

    “Dude i can’t feel my pulse, am i a real vampire???”

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