1. please, please let her adopt the one that will eat her face!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA There are no nutrients near my face you simple minded beast!!!

  3. JennywithaY

    “Ms. Rimes, that dog has already been adopted.” “Perfect! I’ll take him home right now.”

  4. They’re allowing dogs to adopt other dogs now?

  5. your mom

    “No, silly! It’s the dog that’s up for adoption, not me!!!”

  6. Little Tongue

    “I could get a pitt bull, starve it a little and then let it roam free around Brandi’s kids! That would piss her off! Brilliant!”

  7. JC

    “Aw, look honey, he wants to give you a kiss!”
    “OH GOD NO! Dog spit has calories in it! Get it away!”

  8. These are the gigs she’s getting now? Still too good for her.

  9. So, did she get adopted?

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