1. “Foorrr… Agess 3 and up…
    Daddy, Daddy I want this but i am not 3 or up!”

  2. Prudencia

    Buuuh-buuh—baaaa-baaaaar-ar-baaaaarb-buh buh-baraaaaabuh-eeee.

    Why caint everywhar jus use lil lettars like that dern KFC dus??

  3. angerinside

    Oh My Gawd… theys got babies in em’. Dang and I done popped them outta mah cooter after that Walrus lay on me when I used tah (snicker) do drugs (snort).

  4. ThisWillHurt

    “M’son’ll love these!”

  5. Bertney Spears in her native habitat, y’all.


  6. rospo

    ”She’s a Lucky, she’s a staar but she cry cry cry rytyrtyytylyyyy”

  7. JennywithaY

    Britney Spears has two children, both boys.

    Britney Spears still plays with Barbie dolls.

  8. FattyMcGee

    “And fer ma next trick, I’m-a goin’ dump all these here pills into my mouf!”

  9. “Gol’dang! How does anybody fit into these here clothes?”

  10. Veronika Larsson

    Britney looks really good…can’t believe she’s 30! Just admit it, she looks very cute in those shorts and as for her expression…she’s shopping for her kids and maybe her younger relatives. Quit drinkin’ the Haterade :)

  11. Pat C.

    .Yes I do admit it Veronika. And if I was in that Walmart I’d probably take a sidetrip down that aisle to “look for a present for my nieces- any suggestions, miss”

  12. your mom

    You can take the hillbilly out of Walmart, but you can’t take the Walmart out of the hillbilly.

  13. “How’d they get them little people in there? Hello little lady!”

  14. lolling

    *Gonna have to ask daddy for money, I want this.*

  15. I think we can thank the grace of the Lord himself that he so didn’t saddle a female with having Britney as her mom.

    In other news, LA has a Walmart? Ooooh! I’m all warm and fuzzy about LA now! LA, here I come!

  16. “Hey, little tiny girl, did you get them cute little shoes from the Boot Barn? I wanna get me some…”

  17. Mike

    It must be Spring time, Berthney is sporting the daisy dukes

  18. “Hey! It says this one has a career!”

  19. cc

    Her quest for ‘KFC Barbie’ continues.

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