1. In case anyone was still wondering wtf Arnold was doing banging an old, chubby mexican housekeeper.

  2. Uhmmm we were just kidding about the whole “Unleash the Kraken” thing… It’s a line from a movie… You’re not suppose to take that shit literally…

  3. Prudencia

    The face of a woman who has seen Arnold with his shirt off.

  4. angerinside

    Two things in common with the Predator:
    1- the face
    2- wants Arnold dead

  5. dude

    “Where’s your girlfriend, Patrick? My turn to bury her in the sand, just like all the other cat shit.”

  6. She was in the water when the photographer pushed the button. It ran away.

  7. Shouldn’t she be dating Iggy Pop?

  8. OK, seriously… what’s with all the pics of Iggy Pop on here today?

  9. Shark

    The is the coolest surfer wetsuit that I’ve even seen. I had no idea that they made designer wetsuits.

  10. That’s not appropriate gear if you’re going to fight the Alien. This AvP movie has a very different tone from the first one.

  11. I’m turned on. Anyone else?

  12. Two pictures of Iggy Pop in one gallery??

  13. Fuckin’ Crypt Keeper got out again.

  14. hmm

    Wow, people age, who knew?

  15. Mr. Dr. Evil Goodness.

    I loved her as the leader of the white walkers at the end of Game of Thrones season 2 finale!

  16. Whew. Glad Iggy Pop decided to cover up again.

  17. oldfool

    The Black Lagoon is the OTHER way.

  18. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    So the Draconians are right out in the open now? The truth has been outed? All reptilian bets are off?

  19. Mike701

    Next Season on the Walking Dead

  20. Vampira Mistress of the Sea.

  21. This is right before she drains the blood out of the gypsy girl, right? I saw this movie.

  22. rezig

    Someone please close the casket!!!

  23. Two seconds before a one-handed hero turns calmly toward her.

    Yo, She-bitch!

    Let’s go.

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