1. So THAT’s how daddy buried all the other maids..

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “What was that for? I thought you’d like it if I wore the French Maid outfit!”
    “Regular maid! REGULAR MAID!”

  3. dude

    the “drop the loogie then suck it back up” trick never gets old.

  4. “Call me Meester Patrick again and I won’t leave your head out next time.”

  5. So why’s he spitting on her?

  6. “I’ve learned my lesson from my dad’s mistakes…just a few more buckets full of sand, and you won’t be back!”

  7. If that was OJ, we wouldn’t be laughing.

  8. Those Kennedy genes are strong.

  9. your mom

    So now, you gonna play maid with me or what??

  10. “AH YOU AH MAID?”

  11. Practicing for when he needs to bury dead hookers in the future.

  12. Mike701

    Ah’LL Be Back!

  13. His girlfriend is Emma Thompson?

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