1. 5 more minutes, Martin… Just man up and then you can go off and nail half of Rio…

  2. Deacon Jones


    My penis would split like a hot dog in a microwave if it saw that head/mouth coming at it.

  3. “Hey, Sharon! How did you bag a hot young man like that?”

    “With this!”

  4. WTF

    She only has a few good days left in her, and then he’ll want to find someone his own age.

  5. “Honey, he didn’t say ‘cast in “Basic Instinct”‘, he asked you if Justin was best in N’Sync.”

  6. Is this what kids these days call a “shocker”?

  7. RoxIsCrazy

    I’ve never seen a mermaid muffintop. Ursala in her later years?

  8. NO, Sharon. NO! OK? Just, NO. Now sit down!

  9. Ahh she’s a crazy old broad.

  10. Inky Black

    More vampire than cougar.

  11. kitty

    can we talk about Sharon stone and minka kelly are doing a move together.. what a botox horror

  12. Satan's Right Hand

    Someone gave her a serious redbelly!!

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