1. is DWTS a step up or step down from the indian casino gig she has booked in a couple weeks in minnesota.

    also, who the fuck is kellie pickler?

  2. Inner Retard

    Miley looks good. It’s not her? Well, she’ll be on DWTS soon enough. Either DWTS or medication.

  3. Alright, that does it! Tell me this chick has nude pictures on the net somewhere so I can rub one out to her already.

  4. Nothing to say or comment on. This is just an insanely sexy looking ass attached to hot looking woman.

  5. Bieber makes me feel all… funny inside. Is that wrong?

  6. Calamari? Here, I’ll show you.

  7. I’m changing my sign-on name to “Kelly Pickler’s Sweet Sweet Ass”.

  8. Little Tongue

    She’s cute and she’s got a good ass. Too bad she’s so damn stupid.

  9. I would have sex with that often. Also, Little Tongue: Her lack of intelligence doesn’t bother my penis one bit.

  10. some black guy

    wow she looks amazing. Her body is flawless. her face is beautiful. perfection…

  11. Chomp chomp chomp

  12. She looks like a friggin teenage little boy. Horrible ass. You guys are fucking blind.

  13. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Female version of Justin Beiber. I fear for the world’s safety if both ever end up in the same room.

  14. Pete

    Guess I don’t see the same pic as everyone else. This looks like a 13 yr old girl, or boy for that matter.

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