1. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Outfit by Geocities

  2. Frank Burns

    What’s better than a Laker’s game? Finding out what’s up with Goofus and Gallant this week!

  3. Garrett

    All that’s missing is a propellor on top of his hat

  4. Holy crap, they’re just missing a tent.

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    I really don’t think she’s in it for the money. It must be his awesome sex appeal. These kids really do look in love.

  6. HeyHeyHey

    He is but a wee little thing. I wonder what his cookies taste like?

  7. okiedokie

    shes still wit him?

    damn this has last pretty long

  8. When did she divorce Kevin Kline?

  9. dooood

    so instead of getting passed around and raped in prison, he apparently just let everyone catch ups all over his epidermis

  10. EricLr

    I wonder if one of those tats says “John G. Raped and Killed Your Wife”

  11. “lemme just dig into the booger vault …”

  12. neo_v

    what a POS

  13. Come on, seriously? Anyone who comes to this website would point and laugh at this moron if they saw him on the street.

  14. BP

    I didn’t know Lil Wayne could read… go boy!

  15. cc

    Do these people strive to look ridiculous?

  16. Adam

    Photo taken 5 minutes after realizing he was at a Bobcats game.

  17. Yeah! Okay! What?

    What? No Surf board?

  18. El Jefe

    Seriously, even as a gold digger, this still has to be embarrassing to be seen with. I mean there must be limits.

  19. Overheard

    “Hello Santa? I’m reading the Toys R Us Catalog page 29 Hasbro toys for boys, they got a life size Harry Potter on Broom chasing a snitch. Yes Santa this is Weezy, yes I was a good boy. No Santa I know it’s only March but it say limited quantity Santa I don’t want it to run out. Love you too Santa, *kisses* bye bye”

  20. hello

    Mr. Luis Vuitton is rolling in his grave again.

  21. Buddy the Elf

    Pick me a winner, buddy.

  22. Colin

    “See… spot…. run… I did it! And mommy let me dress myself today, too!”

  23. Clown Shoes

    How pissed is she at her dad?

  24. Khloe_is_a_sasquatch

    He looks “Speshal”

  25. vlad

    franks ‘n beans!

  26. I didn’t realize Snookie had tattooed knees, or a sister…

  27. tlmck

    I did not realize the Lakers had toilets on the sideline.

  28. Tim

    who brings magazines to a fucking $500/seat game? what a douche

    • He’s looking at (notice I didn’t say “reading”?) a magazine (thru sunglasses), listening to music, picking his beak, undoubtedly having an argument with his female companion while sharing her munchies…does this guy even realize there is a basketball game taking place in the very venue in which he sits?

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