1. Glad to see Hoff finally beat Penn out for an audition…

  2. Garrett

    What do you mean it looks like I Haiti my life?

  3. Bacon, wrapped in cotton, wrapped in leather.

  4. brb, sudden urge for beef jerky.

  5. dooood

    looks like a more comatose version of grandpa joe from the original charlie and the chocolate factory

  6. j/k

    Getting ready for his Jerry Reed biopic.

  7. EricLr

    Just back for a “The Walking Dead” cameo, huh?

  8. Minky Wail

    Is that a strand of hair or did somebody shoot him in the head with a bb gun?

  9. it had to be said

    Free vodka on the plane, Sean?

  10. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Respect. If we’d seen the kind of documentaries he’s seen…

  11. neo_v

    If you screwed Madonna, you’d look like this too

  12. cc

    I sense he’s about to spin an elegant turn of phrase.

  13. Adam

    He got sick of making the women he dates look like shit, so he took the bullet for himself this time.

  14. Bert

    “Hey Sean, why so sad and Hitler?

  15. El Jefe

    How can Scarlett Johansen every get past this? No wonder she had to resort to dating nobody civilians.

  16. journalschism

    A young Ron Paul emerges from his time machine after a night of weed and lecturing black hookers on their “3/5 of a man” status.

  17. Matty

    I thought we lost Peter Falk last year. Thanks for nothing Oscar’s In Memoriam.

  18. toopier

    Never go full anarchist.

  19. vlad

    He’s morphing into Mel Gibson

  20. I think, without that ridiculous and pathetic mustache, he might look halfway decent. In this picture. For him. And I hate him.

  21. spartacus

    He’s an utter cunt

  22. tlmck

    This is just about what you’d expect Spicoli to look like at this age.

  23. King Diamond

    Is he being arrested?

  24. Sliver

    70′s porn star look..not workin’.

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