1. “I call this ‘Chin Descending a Staircase’.”

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Wait… is she pregnant or not?

  3. okiedokie

    shes always pregnant

  4. EricLr

    If she’s not pregnant someone better check her for an Alien.

  5. dooood

    not the same w/o the vulva

  6. Cock Dr

    I dunno…it’s either a secret pregnancy or a preppie pleating disaster.

  7. Surprise Sex

    Oh, I would fuck that. In the back of a parking lot, probably but I would fuck that.

  8. bernard

    now attempting to form a camel toe while wearing a dress
    pushes really hard….

  9. George P Burdell

    I see Kirstie Alley is skinny again.

  10. Bigalkie

    Mister, I’m a person.

  11. Sliver

    She is either 3-4.5 months pregnant, or her stylist has some ‘splaining to do.

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