1. Frank Burns

    “Why do you guys keep ordering me sushi for lunch?”

  2. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Trevithick’s ‘Thunderer’ was the most advanced steam powered drum kit of its day

  3. Hugh Jass

    ….speaking of bad decisions.

  4. “I would like to be referred to as a drummer. You wouldn’t call Phil Collins an actor would you?”

  5. “Sir, please come from behind there. That is not the toilet.”

  6. Hank E. Ring

    Hmm, what a coincidence. That’s the same expression my face gets when I see Jeremy Piven too.

  7. dooood

    whattaya need? bottle rockets? ready whips? dental damns?

    seriously though, good to see tommy chong can still rock!

  8. EricLr

    Most appropriate band name ever.

  9. So The Clandestine Cock Chuggers was already taken?

  10. neo_v

    are they playing in the hallway near the bathrooms?

  11. What the fuck, okay.

    California took a shit, someone swept it up and dumped it all on in this picture.

  12. REM

    It’s just like Pearl Jam.

  13. El Jefe

    I want to hate him and think he is a douche, but he amuses me as an actor and made Entourage watchable so he gets a pass.

  14. Overheard

    “Can we get some more perrier back her? Some water? Some Perrier. Hey Jean, Jean,Jean. Hey Jean, Jill can you call Jean. Hey Jill. Can someone get some perrier back here please? Jean? Hey Frank? Okay. Okay. No I just wanted some perrier. Yeah can you tell Jean? Thank you. Hey Jean, Jean, Hey Jean. Hey Jill? Can we get some perrier back here? Okay. Okay. No I was just wondering, well I’m thirsty. No I really can’t get up from here, dug in. Some perrier. Anything, some water. Okay. Okay thank you”

  15. tlmck

    “Dude! I’m so wasted. Dude!”

  16. vlad

    hey, where do you put the key in to start this car?

  17. KC

    Drum and Drummer

  18. The last time I liked him was in “Say Anything”. “GIVE ME MY FIREBIRD KEYS!” Ah, good times, good times.

  19. Bigalkie

    I’m not goin to rehab, no no no!

  20. little turtle head

    I thought this was one of those sketches of what a kid would look like 20 years from now…. trig palin comes to mind first…

  21. “This just in…Jeremy Piven has died in a terrible drumming accident. To honor their friend, his gang of thugs took this one last photo of him, which will be blown up to poster size to display at his funeral…”

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