1. So she’s had to resort to the use of weaponry to get someone to have sex with her? Yeah, I don’t think that’s gonna work either.

  2. Rachel, hunter in Malibu.


  3. dooood

    good to see sarah connor finally gettin some well deserved R&R

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    If pole vaulting is a proper sport so is flicking spitballs

  5. Isn’t there some kind of law we can get passed that stops Rod Stewart from wrecking beautiful women? “Sorry, sir, but you’ve had your fill. You’re only allowed Janice Dickinson or Sharon Stone from now on.”

  6. Richard McBeef

    She’s demonstrating both of her hand job techniques.

  7. Contusion

    Stacy’s mom is starting to make me wonder how Stacy herself is looking these days.

  8. So Close

    If she bent over this would be a totally different comment.

  9. George P Burdell

    Stifler’s mom.

  10. dmbishop

    Grandma… Didn’t you used to be a famous model?

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