1. Kelly is seen here wearing clothes from the “Charlie Sheen’ line. (knee socks and pacifier sold separately)

  2. Frank Burns

    Holy crap, do they have to put a booster seat in the car so she can see out the window? And it looks like we are in the moment of her badly twisting her ankle.

  3. Miss Piggy joined cheerleading? Hope she made varsity considering how old she is.

  4. Cock Dr

    The more hair that covers her face the more attractive to appears to me.

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    Yeah… this is someone who makes money on a show criticizing what actual celebrities are wearing.

    Bowling shoes and Catholic school unis for everyone!

  6. Mike Walker

    Is that Will Sasso in a dress?

  7. Tips on Looking Petite and Ladylike for the Chubby and Crude

    No. 25: Hire an assistant larger than you. Especially one whose stance sets her legs apart in a grotesquely wide manner. Dress her in long, unflattering skirts to accentuate the look.

    • And yet she whiffed on Nos. 16 and 18: Don’t wear skirts that draw attention to your chunky thighs/Don’t wear anklets, they’re cankle-makers.

  8. bonerspunk

    I’m tired of this one, isn’t there an older sister we all can fap too?

  9. dooood

    and people say that cabbage patch kids went away

  10. EricLr

    Is she anime now?

  11. Nothing like stopping off for a root beer on the way to the sock hop.

  12. Perfectly suited to comment on fashion.

  13. cc

    Brittney Palmer would look good bowling in a short skirt. Kelly Osbourne though?

  14. Fashion Police

    She’s got Ozzy’s legs, if Ozzy was a fucking 12,000 pound elephant. Holy shit bitch has fat legs.

  15. E!

    It’s working, she’s making Joan Rivers look good

  16. El Jefe

    Does no one have the balls in Hollywood to tell this foul mouthed bitch that he is fat, ugly and has zero talent?

  17. JC

    It’s O.K., Kelly. Sometimes I put my legs on wrong, too.

  18. The Return of ThunderThighs

  19. Sin

    She has totally ruined our School Girl fantasy. She is the anti-Britney of school girl outfits.

  20. chmod

    arf arf arf

  21. HawaiianZ

    So Grimace is the Hamburgler’s valet now?

  22. Dashwood

    “Hurry up, I have a 3:15 audition to fill in for Snooki on Jersey Shore”

  23. bernard

    looks like she really has to pee

  24. gigi

    Do you know who my daddy is, I can play dress up if I want to,,,
    And she has the nerve to say who is best dressed???

  25. “Thank God I have such large, succulent thighs, otherwise I’d be peeing myself right now.”

  26. Maloney

    Hahaha, fat again. Fatty.

  27. Sliver

    A size 2-4, Kelly? You mean one of your legs, right?

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