1. “Oh shit…I was wearing this exact same outfit 5 years ago?”

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    The Backroom… The Backyard… The Back Alley behind the club only the relevant people get into.

  3. *waits for one of McFeely’s trademarked, “DJing = sets his iTunes to shuffle” comment*

  4. dooood

    what? no black microphone jokes?

  5. EricLr

    Stop wasting time at clubs and make me a new football game, dammit!

  6. neo_v

    only in America

  7. cc

    If that cheap looking blonde behind him has an Aussie accent, I’d didgeridoo her.

  8. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    ‘djing’ is the sound I imagine his jewelery making if you hit him in the head with the iPad

  9. Adam

    “Amazon doesn’t sell meth?!?!?!”

  10. Fight Club

    This is what Mexicans think as “white people”

  11. Hater gon hate

    “hey what’s up big wheeldle, nothin just chillin. Yo let’s goto the club after this”

  12. “whats my mom doing on a porn site??”

  13. vlad

    Shia could play him if they ever get finished rebooting movies or making movies based on board games in Hollywood

  14. KC

    What the hell happened to Justin Timberlake?

  15. Fudge McFudge

    I read djing as dying. His face looks like he could be doing either.

  16. bernard

    yeah man, I like to play with my ipad at the clubs…
    oh wait, they call it “djing”, shuffling songs in itunes – wow

  17. eyeeeeee

    these idiots’ mouths always look like they’ve lost all their teeth.

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