1. Not only does the apple not fall far from the tree but it also hits every ugly stick on the way down…

  2. At least you’ll never have to say “watch the teeth, baby.”

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    I rather do the… damn, is anyone sitting in the back seat?

  4. PtC

    Derpanie Griffith.

  5. “A-ha-ha-ha, yeah, a lot of people ask if we’re sisters.”

  6. okiedokie

    that cant be her daughter? I think It must be a mistake. They look the same age, I really don’t think that’s her daughter.

    I thought this was Courtney Love from the thumbnails

  7. Hank E. Ring

    Wow, on first view I honestly thought Courtney Love was driving and Melanie Griffith was in the passengers seat.

  8. dooood

    francis bean should know better than to let courtney drive.

  9. Blech

    Why does this have the feel of a “Family Guy” episode?

  10. it had to be said

    Did anyone look at Dakota’s eyes? They called 911 right?

  11. That’s funny when people make fish lips against glass. Oh wait … the window’s down.

  12. cc

    I think I’ll skip the trip to Pierre.

  13. Your Momma's Valtrex

    She is using her mother’s corpse to gain publicity, right?

  14. Johnny P!

    Not seen: Waylon Flowers in the back seat doing her voice.

  15. Ganja Din

    Mother and daughter? I like were this is headed. GIGGITY!

  16. El Jefe

    Oh sweet Jesus, there are two of them.

    On the plus side, Demi and Bruce must be a little happier today.

    • Deryn

      Three of them, if you count the still-alive Tippi Hedren (mom of Mel and, frankly, hotter right now than the two above put together).

  17. “Or Melanie Griffith. You can have Janice Dickinson, Sharon Stone or Melanie Griffith, Mr. Stewart. Nobody else.”

  18. Contusion

    Dakota is looking older than her mom. And by no means is that a compliment to Melanie.

  19. Clown Shoes

    Otherwise known as Mrs. Crockett and Tubbs.

  20. Bill Gates

    I’m not ashamed to say I’d fuck daughter what’s her name for the inheritance, somebody has to.

  21. This is the first time I’ve seen someone fake it on the carpool lane with the mannequin in the driver’s seat.

  22. Andy Griffith is starting to look better than Melanie.

  23. Fascinating. Ive never seen a woman apply lipstick with a paint roller before

  24. HawaiianZ

    You say Melanie Griffith…I say Courtney Love…

  25. vlad

    So Antonio is blind? Maybe that’s why, whenever I see him in pictures, he’s not with her…

    Beware of Puss In Boots…cause with Melanoma…err…Melanie, that’s where her puss is…in her boots

  26. salavation

    Worst. Blowup doll. Ever.

  27. “We put a time-machine in a Delorean so we can travel back to the 80′s and find my original face.”

  28. rican

    Sheesh, what is it with all these stars doing the “Kim K black microphone-piss on face” pose.

  29. George P Burdell

    Tammy Faye Bakker returns.

  30. George P Burdell

    Whatever she is saying it is in a Jerry Lewis voice

  31. Swearin

    Melanie: “I’ll have a cheeseburger combo but can you do a small salad instead of fries? I’m watching my figure!”

    Cop: “Just give me your damn license and registration”

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