1. Hugh Jass


  2. Cock Dr

    He has alcoholism as an excuse, but what about his handlers and the theater’s management?

  3. It’s amazing what he’ll do for a paycheck… and by paycheck I mean a whopper

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    When do we get to kill this guy? I don’t mean Hitler BTW.

  5. Springtime for Hasselhoff! Achtung!

  6. Deacon Jones

    I think I’d be a drunk too if I had……ah fuck it, I am a drunk

  7. dooood

    oh cmon, he looks nothing like der fuehrer!

  8. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Come on, really?…You really think Hugo Boss would have sent Hitler out looking like this?

  9. When will the Brits learn that a policy of appeasement never works. They should have stopped the Hoff when he was touring in the Sudetenland.

  10. EricLr

    Somewhere Hitler is sooooo embarrassed.

  11. cc

    Wasn’t there a news story recently about Hitler having a secret love child? That would explain the Hasselhoff Hegemony (coming soon to Poli Sci classes near you).

  12. Still too soon.

  13. neo_v

    Didn’t I kill this thing in Wolfenstein?

  14. Bobu


  15. Johnny P!

    Next on the tour as set in Wales performed in blackface, followed by a quick jaunt in Manchester as “Ping-Pong Chong”, the coolie-hat wearing rickshaw pusher.
    What year/century is this again?

  16. Adam

    “Dad, if you show up tomorrow and they find out you’ve been drinking, you won’t get this gig.”

    “Shut up and get me a cheeseburger. I was drunk when I agreed to do this!”

  17. Ganja Din

    You couldn’t say this about many people but this look is actually an improvement for the Hoff.

  18. El Jefe

    Hitler was a vampire?

    So Abraham Lincoln was a vampire hunter and Hitler was a vampire. I am so confused.

  19. lawn

    This is wrong. . . so wrong.

  20. Richard McBeef

    Isn’t he super popular in Germany? Yeah, thought so.

  21. Oh nein, he didn’t!

  22. Clown Shoes

    You know, they love him in Germany.

  23. geez, even Hitler didnt deserve this

  24. What? It did wonders for Prince Harry’s career.

  25. KC

    Emo Hitlerhoff: Where is your god now?

  26. Hasselhoff admits he prefers his burgers cooked in ovens, not grilled.

  27. R


  28. Maybe it’s just me, but he looks just a little too comfortable in that outfit.

  29. Bombshell McGee just soaked her panties.

  30. George P Burdell

    Baywatch 1937

  31. George P Burdell

    Would Kirk Cameron approve?

  32. Its Me

    He is so fucking stupid!

  33. Swearin

    So, the Hoff has unleashed his Final Solution…and it’s faaaaaabulous!

  34. Steelerchick

    He’s just creepy!

  35. Colostomy Bag

    He asked his agents how best to end his career, and this was their final solution.

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