1. Sheppy

    He’s starting to look normal again :)

  2. “Good question! I’d say, the toughest part of ’21 Jump Street’ was deciding which one of us would play the fat, awkward, physically underdeveloped guy.”

  3. Bandella

    Fat cop rape cop.

  4. “The good news I just snagged the role for a live action Mr. Potato Head and I’m method acting my way back having a tremendous body and ridiculously small extremities.”

  5. Deacon Jones

    Wow, that mustve been some really shitty rubber they used for his stomach band, huh?

  6. The Pope

    “Yeah, five of the Kardashians hit on me when I carried this microphone around!”

  7. dooood

    “when the world gives you a jeffrey, stroke the furry walls”

  8. cc

    “No, I never said that Channing looked ‘simple’”

  9. j/k

    Magic Mike is going to be gross.

  10. EricLr

    Channing Tatum, seen here as the villian in every 80′s teen movie…

  11. HeyHeyHey

    “I actually filmed an ENTIRE movie with Channing Tatum without slipping into a comma or blowing my brains out from the boredom!”

  12. Your Momma's Valtrex

    Chaz Bono cleans up nicely.

  13. tim steves

    The first use of reversed forced perspective.

  14. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “And one in your palm”. Guinness honours the first man to pick up a half dozen doughnuts in one hand.

  15. vgirly

    Looks like he’s not wearing his Spanx.

  16. El Jefe

    These two fucking losers are the shittiest actors in Hollywood.
    One if a piece of shit product of nepotism and being a Jew and the other one blew he way to mediocrity.

    What a joke Hollywood has become.

  17. Adam

    “When they told me I was playing a cop, I knew it was time for me to gain that weight back”

  18. Jonah Hill bears a striking resemblance here to my father – who is 73.

  19. Contusion

    This movie looks about as funny as Schindler’s List.

  20. Clown Shoes

    “Um no, great question…I am actually putting some weight on for an upcoming movie role.”

  21. “Yeah, I’m playing Schmelly. I’ll be on ass patrol.”

  22. Swearin

    “So then we asked Johnny Depp to play the commander of our unit, but he just laughed in my face, lit a clove cigarette with a $100 bill and walked out. So it was just me now and after our 17th script rewrite, I realized that although I’m one of the funniest people alive, I might not be good looking enough to carry the film. So we got Stripperella here on board to put some female and gay male 15-55 asses into the seats, and I think it’s going to all work out.”

  23. tlmck

    Looks more like Reno 911.

  24. The popped collar is necessary to complete the “Total Douche Bag” male look.

  25. George P Burdell

    Kirk Cameron does not approve.

  26. Bigalkie

    Straight to video in 3.2…..

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