1. That’s gay….+ also getting moobs…..he’s making Simon Cowel feel sad. I wonder if men will start getting moob implants…seems to be a happening look these days.

  2. Enter “Pete the Puma” laugh.

  3. DeucePickle

    He could use a tighter shirt

  4. “Hey someone realized I was famous!”

    • dontkillthemessenger

      I was going to say Australia makes 3 countries in which no one knows who he is anymore.

  5. dooood

    what are you so happy about? those matrix sequels sucked!

  6. cc

    All Temperature Cheer.

  7. Baby Gap had a sale again?

  8. hbw

    This is the second time he’s been in Sydney, but his first time in Australia.

  9. Adam

    “I wore this shirt to the American Pie premiere”

  10. El Jefe

    Yep, nothing to see here, totally straight man walking through.

  11. squishy

    He has Britney Spears moobs and really should stick with black!

  12. Don't Speak

    The smile that says “I have absolutely nothing interesting to say”

  13. George P Burdell

    It is very nipply around here today.

  14. Sliver

    I hate to say it (covers face) he actually looks good here. I qualify that with “better than usual” anyway. His hair is covered.

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