1. And how many of us are wishing we could be a skinny effeminate Canadian teenage boy right now?

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Hillary Swank gets all the hot chicks.

  3. “Oh my god…you taste just like Maple syrup and cinnamon.”

  4. MRF

    Now I get it. She’s using him.

    • I’ve always wondered if Selena stayed with the Bieber because she knew he wouldn’t try to fuck her. If she was with a guy who actually had balls he’d be all over her like flies on Snooki.

  5. cc

    Thinks to himself ‘That $10.8 million better get me a lot of sweet latina ass.’

  6. it had to be said

    “Look, honey, cameras!” It’s that deep desire to be on camera that will have her in porn before she’s 30.

  7. wow, she is really into him…yawn

  8. Joe Testarosa

    Yeah she is riding the money train. She needs a real man!

  9. JPC

    Kirk Cameron does not approve…..

    Oh wait, one of them is a guy….nevermind!

  10. Oh, great! Now they’re stuck to each other.

  11. JungleRed

    “If I close my eyes like this, I can imagine it’s Zac Efron.”

  12. Contusion

    I haven’t seen anyone looking that awkward with a girl since that first Jerry Sandusky press conference.

  13. Clown Shoes

    One day we will read all about how this relationship was staged to capitalize on their current fame and gain exposure. I just hope its done on a “Where are they now” segment.

  14. Sin

    She just doesn’t want to taste Ushers cum.

  15. NOI

    I wish someone would kiss and smell me :’[[[[

  16. tlmck

    I think I get it now. She’s a groupie.

  17. gigi

    Give it awhile and he will move on or cheat!!

  18. George P Burdell

    Bieiber seen auditioning for a Hugh Hefner biopic.

  19. posterchild

    I Didn’t know justine was a lesbian.

  20. George P Burdell

    Her profession has rules about kissing the client.

  21. suck it

    They are cute, and none of his scandals stuck and she doesn’t have any dirt on her. Leave them alone, maybe they really actually like each other??

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