1. “Wow”, thought Luis the guitarist, “I haven’t watched ‘The Crying Game’ in ages…”

  2. Drummer: Just one more set, man. Just one more set. Don’t open the eyes!!!

  3. Her hair wasn’t green until she pulled down the ass of her panties.

  4. Nice ass. I would.

  5. This is why you always go for the blind drummer.

  6. Her ass doesn’t look too bad from that angle.

  7. Dox

    Pro Tip: If you’re a woman, pulling down her panties and one guy looks pissed, and the other guy is closing his eyes. Pull em back up.

  8. Hugh G. Rection

    I’m sssssooooooo glad that’s not a picture of Kim or Khloe.

  9. I agree with the drummer.

  10. That moment you realize why the drummer poked his eyes out…

  11. CK

    Birth Control or Nicorette patches? Still too many for ‘one of each’.

  12. Yeah, she knows how to work that solid 6 body.

  13. YAAAwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnn

  14. Big deal, looks like she’s either getting ready to fix a sink or attend a high school math class.

  15. One would think that she would, at the very least, wear a body stocking without holes in it.

  16. That’s right, walk away Gaga, just walk away…

  17. I really don’t like the edgy new direction the Muppets are going in.

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