1. (insert Godzilla roar)

  2. fred

    How thoughtful. A sleeve for her cock.

  3. “Get back into life, with Depends!”

  4. charlesatlas

    Just finished her protein drink.

  5. Behold the female counterpart to the penis pump. This baby makes your labia swell to the size of inner tubes.

  6. Look Daddy, I just won this for squatting a school bus!

  7. I imagine those to be the pants the chefs would wear if Bruno were to open a restaurant.

  8. The really cool thing about this “trophy” is that in a pinch, by straddling it, it becomes a crystal urinal.

  9. malaka

    Thats weird. I always thought that selling bags of ice by the freeway was unlikely to be lucrative.

  10. fuckface

    If you cross your eyes just enough you will see a dolphin riding a set of hairy Kerbangers.

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