1. JimBB

    One more year of alcoholism and my transformation into Chelsea Handler will be complete!!

  2. Ive kicked better out of bed in the morning.


  3. Fish, new policy: Only buy shots of her ass when in a thong.

    Thank you,
    The rest of us wishing to have boners again.

  4. Just look at the legs… just look at the legs…

  5. “Here we see a victim of Noassatall just trying to make it through the day. For just 99 cants a day, you can help poor Kate her get herself an ass.”

    *shot of me with a single tear running down my cheek*

  6. Inner Retard

    I look the same in the mornings too. Nobody cares including myself. Yet another advantage to not being a celeb.

  7. People’s most beautiful woman of 2013. That alone should be enough to make the magazine fold.

  8. I’ve never seen Joe Walsh in shorts before, but evidently Life’s Been Good.

  9. “Don’t mind me I’m running in here for cigs and a cheap beer you coming in?

  10. Pok bites

    Kim Gordon looks so young and fresh these days.

  11. Dox

    Sometimes, that inner meth-head, trailer trash, skank just peaks right out.

  12. Yer not a cop, are ya? You know you have to tell me.

  13. Sushi people, she was looking for sushi..

  14. i’ve been saying for years that she is a disgusting skank. This picture is my Graceland.

  15. Schadenfreude

    How to lose a guy in 10 seconds!

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