1. “I’d gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!”

  2. He just looks fucking ridiculous. Ugh.

  3. Swearin

    Quick, he’s wobbling, someone push him over

  4. Inner Retard

    Already training for his new career as a mentally challenged usher puppet.

  5. How can I take Selena seriously after this?

  6. I’m waiting for a guy with a bushy mustache, red cheeks and a big club to swing in a whack him in the head. And then their strings get entangled and the show’s over.


  8. He should really get a tailor so he can get some clothes that fit properly and don’t make him look like a midget.

  9. Did he swap clothes with Earvin Johnson III?

  10. Buffalo gals won’t you come out tonight, come out tonight…

  11. the Pope

    This is Bieber after his casting call for the new Broadway show, a BATMAN spin off, working title – The Penguin’s Lesbian Daughter!

  12. WTF is wrong with him? Why can he not wear a fucking baseball cap properly? Everytime he wears one he just looks like some stupid piece of shit.

    • Because his tsunami-wave high rise ‘do can’t be squished down, so any cap he wears has to perch on top of that. Whether it looks stupider than those pantsload-full-of-poop low-crotch horrors is debatable. I think choosing to look like a diapered toddler that’s soiled himself repeatedly is a far worse fashion crime.

  13. Dox

    ♪♫ Domo Arigato Mr Roboto, Domo… ♪♫

  14. Hugh G. Rection

    I’m starting to understand Alec Baldwin. Even though I’m not homophobic and believe in LGBT rights, I really can’t resist calling Justin a cocksucking faggot.

  15. I presume it will come out that Selena has the same eye disease that Mila had.

  16. What a fucking degenerate, no-talent, jagoff, douchebag piece of shit.

  17. Codot

    Augh, just LOOKING at him pisses me off. Such a fucking… gyagahrgh.

  18. he looks like a midget wearing normal sized people clothes. Or like a normal sized person wearing douchebag clothes. Both descriptions present an equally valid mental image.

  19. Vlad

    Right this way, Ladies, to the Douche Bus. I’ll be your guide and your sperm donor.

  20. And STAY THERE.

  21. Atleast this twat is back in Canada, Obama could get reelected if he revoked his passport.

  22. Somebody’s been hanging with the mayor.

  23. I really want to rip into him but I literally can’t think of anything I can say that’s nearly as damaging as this photo by itself.

  24. JungleRed

    Ever see a toddler wake up from anesthesia? Or just drunk?

  25. Bieber is suffering from PTSD after being rousted by the badges here in the U.S. Now, whenever someone calls his name he automatically tries to walk a straight line.

  26. fuckface

    “(singing quietly) I’m a little tea POT, short and stout…”

  27. “Dorf Plays Douche.”

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