1. Why is she standing like that?

    Also, I would also be very self-conscious if I looked like she does and I was surrounded by all those girls.

  2. How do you let your backup crew outshine you, Katy? Why are you wearing a McDonald’s wrapper as a dress?

  3. It doesn’t matter how big your tits are (especially if you’re not showing them), nothing trumps hot Asian chicks.

  4. dennis

    I bet she’s pissed. You don’t go one stage looking like a clown with a bunch of hot, younger chicks.

  5. 소녀시대!

  6. Is that a “McDowell’s” outfit and handbag?

  7. Off camera, Ronald McDonald has a giant boner….da da, dot da da…I’m lovin’ it.

  8. Katy Perry probably shouldn’t have Super Sized. That XL coke is starting to trickle down…

  9. Tiggles

    Finally, some Asian youth I want to adopt.

  10. joe

    Fucking McDonals’d. They always give you enough ketchup for only one fry.

  11. Smapdi

    Katy must not have much presence in Japan if she has to do the catering herself at her own press events.

  12. Every single one of those Kamikaze sex pilots before Katy Perry.

  13. Yeah, where is the McDonald’s I can order this 10 piece at?

  14. I can only imagine the sexy, offstage antics those ladies must get up to when on tour… with each other.

  15. Oh, I remember this scene from Cloud Atlas: all those Japanese girls are sending Robot Katy Perry “onward.” We find out later it means she dies.

  16. If this is some sort of starlet exchange, I say we make the deal!

  17. Pictured : Nine girls making KP look like a buttery Kelly Osbourne.

  18. tlmck

    I’ll have the two in the middle of the front row to go please.

  19. I’m getting so I can hardly stand Katy Perry anymore. Because she is so fucking hot she makes me crazy. And I think she knows it.

  20. Judge Chamberlain Haller

    Harajuku girls gotta eat!

  21. marcel marceu

    Whoever said Asians don’t look alike, I beg to differ. But in this case, it’s a god thing.

  22. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    The 2 best looking chicks are at the back. Katy pulled some strings.

  23. Facts

    There are three attractive women in the front row…

    None of them is Katy Perry.

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