1. I had to google her, from which I discovered the last time she starred in something I cared about is when she played the niece in “Uncle Buck”

  2. Furry boobs and furry armpits , nothing to FAP off to.

  3. Now we know where Hair Club for Men gets its plugs.

  4. ben dover

    I think the fuzz on the front of her dress is really pubic hair

  5. Daniel Radcliffe is maturing nicely.

  6. She had to find a way to accessorize with her dress…

  7. Tiggles

    Fur is murder . . ing my erection. Blech!

  8. dennis

    She’s got a very hairy armpit vagina.

  9. Which Khardasian is this again?

  10. Looks more like Abbie Hoffman

  11. Is this her official coming out as a lesbian?

  12. Hugh G. Rection

    Its tough to pull off the bird’s nest under the arm look. She was fully nude on Girls and had the biggest bush I’ve ever seen outside of ’70′s porn. Hard to believe she was the little girl on Field of Dreams way back when.

  13. The Pope

    I bet if you shaved her, she’d look just like Sinead O’Connor.

  14. Obviously, not a slave to modern grooming trends. Keep it 14th century, baby…Henry the VIII-style.

  15. Lou Braccant

    ….and she’s only 32!

  16. “Talk to the pube nest.”

  17. Was this shit really necessary? Did you really need to include this photo?

  18. SpareClownParts

    Looks like Jared Leto has some competition

  19. Even her dress looks like it’s made out of her pubes. Gross.

  20. Lisa

    When did Elijah Wood get a sex change?

  21. Damn, she was just too friggin’ cute as a child actress. Makes feel like shit when Gollum comes to mind now.

  22. Little Tongue

    If I consider the hairy brows, chest and armpits, I think this is a dude, people. Whatever you do, DON’T FAP TO THIS!!!

  23. El Masiso

    (Shudder) I’m going to have to look under my bed for her tonight before I go to sleep!

  24. Gee, I wonder if her “basement” is nice and tidy, or if it’s flooded with yeasty gravy, and looks like 296 black labradors have been shedding in it for the last ten years.

  25. I remember in around 1971 my brother mentioned to me that he found hairy armpits sexy. Here we are 43 years later and I still find them abhorrent.

  26. She placed the merkin in the wrong spot.

  27. Schadenfreude

    Chaz Bono is jealous that she looks more masculine.

  28. Facts_

    Johnny Weir waves to his fan.

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