1. Balls Mcgee

    “Can you believe you agreed to marry me???”

  2. Man, everybody was photobombing everybody last night!

  3. Fish, I think you’ve been swindled. I saw these 2 taking pictures at the Kodak theater a day before the show.

  4. -Hilarious, right?

  5. Kevolution

    Somebody just told him that Kristen Bell married Dax Shepard.

  6. “Hahahaha! and then we compared taking our baby’s picture to pedophilia.”

    “Hahaha! What kind of self righteous asshole does that?”

  7. Kung-fu grip, muddafahka!

  8. Inner Retard

    I have the same reaction every time someone suggests to take the Oscars seriously.

  9. She seriously could not find a better dude than this guy?

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