1. What a beautiful red velvet sof…. Never mind…. It’s mounted on a wookie.

  2. tom

    Do you guys think she really believes she’s really beautiful? Why isn’t someone around tell her she is just ridiculous in that dress?

  3. How nice of Kim to let her younger sister borrow her butt implants for the evening.

  4. Does a red light and alarm go off, when she backs up like that?

  5. God, stop trying to make the whole Khloe is sexy a thing you delusional bitch Kris Jenner. This bitch is a giant, black -hearted, fat, Amazon of a woman. Fuck off.

  6. fred

    This is actually an art installation entitled, “Wookie at Ease; Drapes-2014″

  7. George P. Burdell

    At a “Viewing Party” because a Kardsahian is not allowed in the actual building unless they are accompanied by Sir Topham Hatt.

  8. Wow, she really did fuck up her face. I didn’t think it was possible.

  9. Sorry, gang, but I think she looks great!

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