1. Wow, it’s as if Dick Van Dyke stopped his meds and decided to get on a parade float…

  2. The King on his porcelain throne.

  3. I think we were misled…Hugh Laurie is the one who died. Peter O’Toole is still horsing around…

  4. jonnybravo

    This is the Yellow King!!! SPOILER ALERT!

  5. Inner Retard

    You call this acting?! I make the same face every time I eat too much cheese.

  6. Extra spicy gumbo and white tights do not mix.

  7. joe

    Actually, it might be lupus.

  8. The Pope

    The typical Brit reaction to learning what a “honey bucket” is.

  9. Not seen: Stewart Little crawling up his ass.

  10. This is only the second weirdest place Dr. House has woken up sober.

  11. tlmck

    I see Thomas Haden Church is still constipated.

  12. “Let us play with your look. Let us play with your LOOK. Let us play with your look…”

  13. Jenn

    I’m freezing my arse off! Tell Black Adder to bring me my pants!!

  14. ^@#&*%!

    Taxi Jim is really confused about how he got there.

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