1. Hank! Hank! How can you be sure the child is not just some mix of all the men who’ve made deposits in there?

  2. Is she pregnant again, or still? It’s been a while since Kendra has been “relevant”, so I lose track.

  3. Isn’t he unemployed? Why is he making more kids? Oh well. I’m off to fap to his wife’s sex tape.

  4. Hefner will have the last laugh. Few knew that his babies take 7 years to gestate, and will be born looking like Benjamin Button.

  5. She’s not pregnant, that’s just a full belly after a full days work on her knees.

  6. Gin&Tonic

    Real celebs get invited to Elton Johns After Party, 15 minutes expired has-beens go to the QVC party and get stuck after stealing a handful of Billy Mays Mighty Putty

  7. Schadenfreude

    That’s not a baby, it’s a Baskett Ball!

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