1. Anthony

    I’m pretty sure your ankle isn’t suppose to be the same diameter as your thigh.

  2. felix

    Rode hard, put up wet, times infinity

  3. Turd Ferguson

    Always trying so hard to be ‘hot.’
    Once you start referring to yourself as ‘hot’ in every interview you no longer are honey …

  4. Senor Trout

    Huh. No handles on her ankles. Whudda thunk it?

  5. Nice backdrop, but they won’t get me back there without a sign that says “pool sterilization complete.”

  6. “Does this side make me look like a fame whore?”

    • The Critical Crassness

      “If I stand just so, does it hide how much like Kim Kardashian’s, my ass really looks?”

  7. Even the sunglasses look like they have a third chromosome.

  8. H

    “Alright everyone, focusing on my ass now, ignoring the fact that the shape of my head is not unlike that of a Mr. Homer J. Simpson”.

  9. Just fucking say it already

    They missed out on adding one more logo on that billboard she calls a forehead.

  10. “Wet Republic”…I feel like I should make a joke about her vagina and men old enough to remember the Roman Republic. Or maybe something about being a prostitute.

    I just can’t muster up the interest to make fun of her any more, she’s just over.

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