1. Cock Dr

    He’s married to Fergie, so he’s no stranger to public weirdness in behavior & garb.

  2. IRockSoxOff

    Why is he hanging out with the Black Eyed Peas without Fergie?

  3. Josephus

    Josh Duhamel teaches the Power Rangers the technique he uses to fend off Fergie’s sexual advances.

    • felix

      “Back, I say!! My ass is just now healed up enough to where I don’t walk around shitting my pants involuntarily. On guard!”

  4. Senor Trout

    If I were married to Fergie, thats the kind of outfit I’d make “her” wear for sex, too.

  5. What, Josh Duhamel has tiger blood now too?

  6. Those legs are smoother than Irina Shayk’s.

  7. nikkol

    It seems like he’s using the Red Power Ranger as a living mirror…

  8. tito

    he’s the only guy who could make power rangers lose street cred.

  9. Brent

    I know 10-year-olds who wouldn’t be caught dead associating with the Power Rangers.

  10. I hope the audition went well.

  11. H

    Feet as small as his pride.

  12. Elle

    Finally, Fergie in an outfit I enjoy!

  13. DonDopey

    Hi I’m Johnny Knoxville and this is “Getting punched in the nuts by ninjas.”

  14. CatLynn

    Now, which one killed that couple on their yacht?

  15. Smapdi

    Here’s Josh shortly after returning Fergie to her kennel, once he realized that the “Youth in Asia” benefit wasn’t exactly what he thought it was…

  16. “Psst…dude, you look like a douche. And this is coming from a guy dressed in a spandex body suit”

    I’m sure he’s not just showing up to get his photo taken…all serious runners wear a t-shirt over their jacket and running shoes with no socks.

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