1. Cock Dr

    I have no idea who he is but the blogger has provided me reasons to hate him immediately.

  2. no idea who the dude is but that chick looks hot, is she that cross eyed one from the other day? lookin mighty fine here

  3. Colin

    “Now, I know my profession consists entirely of me grabbing other men, and now I’m on a dancing show, and, yes, I’m going to Perez Hilton’s birthday party in this cute shiny vest that totally matches my shirt’s cuffs, but I’m here with a hot woman. Totally straight.”

    • reformed_druid

      Hot woman???? Zero tits, none, nada, zip, zilcho, not a single sign of where they should be. She’s kinda cute in the face.

  4. He keeps trying to give blood, but all they can draw is vinegar and water.

  5. Rough--There will be no fighting in the war room

    Thats the cute dancing schwimmer chick hes showing off with…

  6. The jeans say casual, the sparkly vest says formal. The chick says Drew Barrymore circa 1998.

  7. Who the hell is Chris Jericho? Ah nevermind…his vest matches the lining of his shirt, that’s enough for me. Just die already.

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