1. Cock Dr

    Read who the party was thrown for & it makes a little more sense.

  2. Josephus

    So Canadian semen really *is* blue…huh.

  3. THIS is what pesci meant by “funny like a clown”

  4. john

    I love her no matter what she wears or what color her hair is.

  5. JC

    I thought Perez Hilton was universally reviled by celebrities because he posts pics of their kids on his blog and draws penises on their faces? Why are they celebrating him instead of giving him the vicious sack beating he so richly deserves?

  6. Colin

    II like the getup, but I feel like you need more of an occasion for that kinda outfit. I mean, it’s Perez Hilton king of bad dye-jobs and failed dieting programs, not Lady Gaga.

  7. Trina Bambina

    This is what happens when you date Justin Bieber. Goddamnit.

  8. felix

    Someone threw a birthday party for that fuck? And people attended??? The guy in Tuscon shoulda waited.

  9. Rough--There will be no fighting in the war room

    Who was her date Cuban Pete?

  10. The Critical Crassness

    It is a costume for the “Blue Ball” to celebrate Perez Hilton’s birthday….Selena still looks totally worth hitting it, even dress like something from a gay nightmare or should that be… attend a gay nightmare’s birthday bash!

  11. Dutch

    Justin Bieber has a Smurf Fetish and Other News.

  12. Katie Holmes relaxing at home.

  13. Senor Trout

    That crazy Bai Ling, she’ll do anything for attention.

  14. Looks like she prematurely blue herself.

  15. This costume seems out of place until you consider that Perez went as Ruby Rhod and Justin Bieber as Leeloo.

  16. diceman cumeth

    little girl blue. she needed the money–OH!!

    • The Critical Crassness

      I doubt Perez has anywhere near as much a Selena does money wise, I think she was there on behalf of her boyfriend who is in Europe and couldn’t attend… and she is wearing his costume !

  17. Tyler

    Smurfette is on a downward spiral.

  18. Liz

    So did Disney sell Selena Gomez to Lady Gaga?

  19. You guys may not get it, but the dead baby look is totally in for spring (seriously she looks like a dead baby).

  20. OMG, what was she thinking?? Those tiny, retarded looking hats are SO 2010.

  21. And I didn’t think anything could make Perez Hilton look straight by comparison……

  22. KWDragon

    Behold! The female version of “blue balls.” I didn’t know it was contagious!

  23. Drea

    Ok, so where’s Jem and the rest of The Holograms?

  24. Name

    Interesting. Rashida Jones used to be engaged to Samantha Ronson’s brother, I think

  25. Confused

    So uh.. She’s going to turn into a Blue Berry any minute, right? Swell to 500 pounds and all that..

  26. Spocktopus

    This is what I imagine Avatar on Broadway would look like.

  27. DonDopey

    It’s good to see that Queen Frostine has a chance to get out every once in a while.

  28. Katie

    “Justin and I like to match. Tonight, I’m matching his balls.”

  29. Caroline

    Hey! It’s the stewardess that had sex with Chris Tucker in the 5th Element!

  30. After the squeezing, Violet Beauregarde was voted “Hottest Blueberry in London”. Mr Wonka had no comment, but is currently pending 4 charges of child endangerment, and one count of sexual assault on a minor.

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