1. Ed

    It’s her Wednesday Adams impression.

  2. Jon Hex

    It’s like a rags to riches before picture.

  3. Ugh she dresses like an olsen twin. so much for that sexy ass video on the bike the other day

  4. Cock Dr

    I was made to wear this dress but you can’t make me stand up straight or comb my hair.

  5. Anthony

    Looks like an embarrassed 12 year old boy that was forced to wear his sister’s dress and get his picture taken.

  6. E

    So that’s what Helena Bonham Carter looks like when she remembers to take her Abilify.

  7. jo_mamma

    Maybe she’s preparing for a role in a remake of Great Expectations.
    Miss Havisham? Is that you?

  8. Colin

    No one told me Natalie Portman miscarried.

  9. The Critical Crassness

    Her next starring role will be in “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn!” as the tree!

  10. This is a clear betrayal of the unspoken “masturbater/masturbatee” contract we had, Ms. Knightly.

  11. Daemon8666

    Is she slumping so her hair looks longer?

  12. Senor Trout

    Hey look, its Julia Stiles’ frumpy twin sister Leotta.

  13. Do_FreeBird

    She looks like shit, and she is yesterdays news.

  14. Keira,you should clean yourself up next time after you flap off.

  15. Satan's bitch

    When did Glad start making sequined trash bags?

  16. TomFrank

    Where’s McNulty?

  17. The Pope of Cleveland

    Be honest, how many of you were squinting at that picture?

  18. “Keira, I’ve got a great idea for your next outfit:Lizzie Borden-casual.”

  19. Brent

    Damn it, Keira, the pouty lips do NOT fit Anne Frank’s character!

  20. Tik

    She’s scowling because she has no breasts.

  21. DKNY

    She’s looking more like Johnny Depp all the time. Time for her to quit the Pirates franchise, methinks.

  22. BabygirljeR

    She doesn’t look a day older from when she filmed “Cruel Intentions.”

  23. oh what the hell, I would bang her like no tomorrow. I find her hotter than Brooklyn Decker.

  24. Two words; dead inside.

  25. Katie

    Ah, there she is, the poor man’s Natalie Portman

  26. Gateau

    Did she Photoshop her head onto her own body?

  27. “this is my ‘contractually obligated to appear’ ensemble…do you like it?”

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