1. Ed

    At least get her face in the picture. Have some respect for your craft you no good scum sucking pap.

  2. Josephus

    The drummer knows that if he makes eye contact, he’s going to prison.

  3. drummer looks like stuttering john

  4. Anthony

    Babyyyy ruuuuth?!

  5. MondayNightSteve

    Too early for flapjacks?

  6. The Critical Crassness

    She has to wear the label so everyone will believe she is trash, not just a trash wannabe!

  7. Colin

    Oh, look, the whores come with little heart labels now. Like beanie babies.

  8. Your roots are showing. So is your bra strap. Oh, also your deep seated resentment for your father.

  9. Senor Trout

    Says a lot about the lass that the first thing I thought was ‘no shit stain on the skirt. Good for her!’

  10. If you have to advertise what a bitch/slut/whore you are, you may be suffering from Avril Lavigne Syndrome. Check with your doctor.

    • noooooooo

      Pretty much, there’s owning a persona and just being a moron about it. “so trash” she might as well throw her blocks in a fit.

  11. KJ

    I haven’t seen such a profound lack of ass since that one round of Kesha pictures. I’m misquoting someone here, but it looks like some stood a frog up on its hind legs.

  12. “Singing to the audience just doesn’t do it for me anymore.”

  13. Confused

    I could’ve sworn that tag on her back said “Shiv here” …

  14. blt

    The poor girl has no idea she’s been infected with Courtney Love-itis

  15. I never knew Taylor Momsen even had a back. I thought she just had raccoon eyes and cleavage all the way around.

  16. How embarrasing…from this angle she looks a little trampy.

  17. chels

    guys, you are clearly missing the point of this picture. she is performing a reverse exorcism on her drummer. you can see the devil in his eyes.

  18. …so get the new TrampTracker 2000 today, it’s wireless, discreet, and mounts where even the most flexible skank can’t reach it.

  19. KayKay

    “Sex Trash” on her back… does that mean she is a used condom?

  20. KayKay

    Or is she advertising again? Please cum here ———>

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