1. LA0811

    Rashida Jones used to be engaged to Mark Ronson. That’s her, but she’s probably not Samantha’s gf.

  2. Ron Swanson

    Why does Ronson’s new “girlfriend” look like Rashida Jones?

  3. The Critical Crassness

    Personally, I think it is Ali Lohan dressed to look like Rashida….Sam can’t let Lindsay know she is actually sleeping with her younger sister, now that Linds is headed for jail! Hey, at least she is keeping it in the family!

  4. Daemon8666

    There’s a car seat in the back for LiLo. Who needs kids when you have trainwreck next-door exes?

  5. Daria has finally came out of the closet.

  6. suzi

    Rashida has been friends with the whole Ronson family for years and years and she was engaged to Mark. She is so not Samantha’s girlfriend!

    talk about jumping to conclusions. two women are riding in the same car so now they are dating? so stupid

  7. The Pope of Cleveland

    She’s like the Marcie to Ronson’s Peppermint Patty.

  8. Gerald Tarrant

    I would give Rashida Jones a cat bath.

  9. DGS

    Isn’t that Velma?

  10. Feetsthss

    Is Samantha Ronson now considered famous outside the vicinity of Lindsay Lohan?

  11. oh wait. Daphne has really bright orangy red hair my bad.

  12. If only Buffy were still on the air the writers could draw plot lines from the newspaper.

  13. Wait, is that Lindsay’s head in the dashbox?!?

  14. noooooooo

    Rufinol kicked in, she’s gotta floor it before she wakes up

  15. salvation

    ” It’s good to see Austin Powers getting out more.”

  16. Just fucking say it already

    “Hey, smell my knuckles.”

  17. This new relationship is very confusing…I can’t tell which one is the ugly one now.

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