1. Josephus

    The first and last time Jude Law will ever be referred to as leaving “The Box.”

  2. dude you look like stallone, and i don’t mean in a cool way

  3. Shlongface

    I was thinking more De Niro…

  4. MrsEllis

    He’s still hotter than 90% of all males combined. And I’m not even into blonds or brits.

  5. “That movie sucked. Cameron Diaz was unwatchable!”, exclaimed a a clearly disappointed Jude.

  6. “I swear I did not suck on that wanker’s dick,” said an emphatic Jude between drags on cigarette.

  7. Daemon8666

    “That’s where they’ll find my body. It’s the only was I can top big bro – do it in London.”

  8. “And you can take that to the bank”

  9. Satan's bitch

    “See that bird over there? Shagged her. And that one there? Shagged her. And that one? Didn’t shag her yet. But that one over there? Totally shagged her.”

  10. tito

    “so then i pull my fingers out and the fucking cigarette is still lit. yeah, honest, no shit.”

  11. Brent

    Dean Martin’s lookin’ a little rough these days.

  12. DKNY

    “So she says to me, she says ‘No, it’s one in the pink, ONE in the stink!’”

  13. “Leaving the Box in London”…couldn’t they just say “Madonna”?

  14. Kim

    I swear to God. If you pull it out, and it’s hard, I’ll suck it.

  15. “This is how we do ‘The Shocker’ on this side of the pond…yes, cigarette and all”

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