1. tits

    look at that poor driver’s face.

  2. LeelaGoLucky

    The precise moment the smell from their open mouths wafted to the front of the car

  3. Jess

    “please stop”

  4. Josephus

    Suddenly the disaster in Japan doesn’t seem so bad.

  5. Jon Hex

    He was about to say “Get a room” until he realized he was driving them there.

  6. too bad it’s not henri paul driving..

  7. Cock Dr

    Everyone’s job sucks.

  8. Anthony

    Why is he leaning into frame?

    • huh?

      He is being subjected to an utterly revolting display, and you think he’s worried about the fucking paps?

  9. Dr. Hufurrrrr

    …and it was at that precise moment that Armando realized that his life, did in fact, suck out loud.

  10. MrsEllis

    This should have been a post on its own. Just this pictures. No words necessary.

  11. The Critical Crassness

    So that is what making out with a pig wearing lipstick looks like…..EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! And it smells bad, too!

  12. I’ve made a terrible mistake.

  13. Bucky Barnes

    The guy kissing Christina is playing Russian roulette because a woman who spends as much time completely shitfaced as she does could puke at any second.

  14. Daemon8666

    They’re not kissing, she drank the last beer in the mini-fridge and he’s trying to get it back.

  15. Agwings

    Obviously staged for the camera. Why else would be covering her extra chins?

  16. *toilet flush

  17. Mike Walker

    Later tonight he’ll be racing around LA in a stolen Ferrari blasting Lords of the New Church.

  18. No number of flashbulbs will burn that sight from his retinas.

  19. “Sir, that blowup doll is clearly over-inflated. You may stop now.”

  20. H

    He must have worn out every good memory associated with the Genie in a Bottle video by now. Thank god for youtube.

  21. DKNY

    I keep telling people she’s a tranny whore. That must be why he’s trying to hide her Adam’s apple.

  22. Pete

    I risk my life just for a taste of freedom and now it seems that the accursed kraken she was behind me all of the time.

  23. salvation

    “Dear God……..I Can Still Hear Them”

  24. salvation

    “he is probably thinking that jihad won’t be enough this time”

  25. salvation

    ” he is probably thinking that jihad won’t be enough this time”

  26. blt

    He’s beginning to realize that 72 virgins are not enough…

  27. I see your ‘making out’ and raise it to ‘devouring’.

  28. He’s thinking “I don’t care how drunk they are, I never should have arrested them togther….”

  29. The drivers face is destined to be the next “put this face everywhere” internet meme.

  30. KayKay

    “In my home country I was a brain surgeon…..FML”

  31. cc

    If I adjust the rearview mirror I won’t see them BUT, if I do, I risk momentarily seeing more. The hell with it, I’ll just sit here and suffer.

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